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How Myrsa works

Myrsa helps businesses, service providers, entrepreneurs, retailers, brands,event managers or start-ups to find the temporary space they need to test, sell, serve and grow.

Myrsa helps space owners rent out their unique spaces temporarily without any effort. We connect our owners with brands, businesses, service providers, retailers & professionals looking for temporary spaces.


Whether you are looking for a Space or a Brand, we have the best of both! Search the type of space or kind of brands you are interested in and Mark the ones that suit you best!


Once you find the Space/Brand of your choice, send enquiries to the owners. You can check the status of all the send and received requests in your Dashboard, the one place for managing the entire renting process!


Once your enquiry gets a response, you're all set to go! By the time this deal closes, Myrsa will have added new Spaces and Brands! Keep checking for the most trending brands and best locations everyday! Gear up, you're at Myrsa!


Don't you wish to have an all in one store just near you?

"Myrsa will help to make this possible."

Society clubhouses remain empty for most of the time during the day. Your empty clubhouses can have small retail shops in them and it can be of convenience to all the people living nearby.

Increasing income along with the benefit of nearby stores will be a win-win situation. So list your clubhouses on Myrsa and start renting it out now!

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Myrsa Key Tie Ups

Our goal since launching has been to make finding and booking temporary rental spaces an easy and transparent process. We work closely with a wide range of clients and they are the reason for our success.


All bookings booked through Myrsa are verified payments. We also cover all bookings by our cancellation policy.


Happiness is guaranteed at Myrsa. We make sure you get 100 percent satisfaction.


We provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue kindly contact us. Till that time enjoy renting with Myrsa.


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Myrsa - A place for a Temporary Renting Solution!

We at Myrsa provide the Hosts, who are space owners, an avenue where they can register and list space for rent to Business, who are brands, service providers, entrepreneurs, retailers, event managers or start-ups to find the temporary space they need to promote, display, serve and develop. We are following an algorithm wherein the Hosts can utilize their vacant space in a very productive way that generates a consistent source of revenue. As a Business or brand who desire to conduct numerous projects get an array of alternative spaces to choose from, which appeals to their specifications aptly as per the activity which they plan to carry. Such vacant spaces can be a place where people come together to meet, work, host an event, promote a shop, service or business. We give such spaces, the opportunity to be better utilized and facilitate its more creative and productive usage.

Host - List their space with great ease and yield good returns

Myrsa implements a user-friendly platform where in you as a  Host who are space owners can rent out their unique and unutilized spaces on a temporary basis without any effort. Temporary Spaces on Rental like Parking , Hall, Garden , Room, Club House  , Common Area, Shop, Atrium, Cafeteria, Conference can be used in a productive way and generate a consistent source of revenue. Space Owners can have a collection of alternatives or businesses to choose from, which they discover that will give them maximum revenue for their vacant space. The space owners can manage in their way by keeping control of pricing, availability and which events they are ready to host. We help the space owners to create additional income by giving their residential or commercial orretail space on rent .

Business - Book it with ease once they discover a perfect space

Myrsa helps Business looking out for short term space to conduct varied activities in line with Food , Events , Health & Wellness , Sales & Marketing , CSR . Myrsa has crafted their listing of spaces for rent keeping in mind varied requirements of all types of businesses activities that may be conducted. There is a Space to cater all sorts of Brands or Business seeking a temporary space to be used for promotional activities, cafeteria or parking spaces on rent. Myrsa is the solution you are looking for as we help such business to find the perfect space for their brand, that helps in promotion and boost their sales. Myrsa helps to bridge the gap between Listing space & Finding space We act as a connecting factor between the vacant space owners and business looking for temporary space for rent to execute their events. We open the door for diverse organizers who are looking for productive and creative venues. We provide a free listing for spaces and our expert back-end crew ensures that the requirements of the clients are fulfilled and both the space owners and the businesses are at content.