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General FAQ's

The price and availability is listed on the space page in the Space profile and calendar. Contact the owner directly via Myrsa by sending an enquiry from your Myrsa dashboard.

You need a space to organise your project. Start by searching through the spaces on our platform. Once you find the ideal space, contact the owner via Myrsa by sending an enquiry.

When a Brand finds a space matching its needs, it can send an enquiry to the space owner. In this request the brand's profile is described as it was created (Keep updating your brand's profile for better chances of acceptance!) Interested space owners accept the enquiries and Myrsa will help the brand in booking the space online. Also, Brands receive proposals from space owners who show interest in hosting that brand. These can be managed fromt the brand's dashboard.

When a space owner is interested in a brand/business, he will send proposals to those brands with the space profile, details and pictures. This will include the availability and pricing as well. Spaces and Brands can manage the sent and received proposals in their respective dashboards.

Once you have found the space you like, you book the space by making a payment and confirming your booking. This also works as an inspiration for owners, who can invite you afterwards to organise your project again in their space.

Tenants are generally more interested in your space when they are able to see it. We strongly advise you to add nice pictures to showcase your space.

As a space owner, you don't pay anything until MYRSA makes you money. We deduct a 9% to 15% service fee from the total amount that you bill a tenant. This fee covers the cost of running our platform and supporting the MYRSA community. The service fee decreases incrementally from 15% to 9% as the offer amount increases. Here's an example: If you invoice a renter INR 1000 MYRSA deducts INR 140 (14%) Your total payout is INR 860 (Excluding Taxes)

We don’t offer contracts. We are only the matchmaker between projects and spaces. But if you have questions or need support you can always contact us.

Your email is your unique login ID which needs to be verified and your mobile number is linked to your account to send you notifications about your account and how your space or brand is doing on Myrsa.

Creating your profile on Myrsa is a simple 2 step process. Step 1: Sign up as a host or a business from the right hand top corner on the site. Step 2: Add the required details. Complete your profile to get maximum visiblity. Watch a tutorial video on a sample profile.

Select the space that you like and that fits your requirement, select the dates or the time slots that you need to book and submit the same to make an enquiry to a space.

Select the brand that you like and that fits your requirement, select the dates or the time slots that your space is available and submit the same to send a proposal to a brand to book and be your guest.

You can determine the availability of your space from your space dashboard. You can make your space un-available if you are not available or if your space is already occupied on a given date. You have complete control. Your space calendar and your bookings section show you your upcoming bookings and received inquiries and sent proposals. You can determine your daily and hourly pricing of your space and set it according to your expectation. Hourly rates are kept at 15% premium to the daily rate.

A host is anyone who has any kind of physical location where people can come together to meet, advertise, host an event, work or host a shop, service or business. Spaces are often not fully occupied and leave room for more responsible, creative and productive usage. If you own any such space, you are a host at Myrsa!

Any one who is a businessman, a service provider, a retailer, designer, professional and event managers or a start-up can be a Brand at Myrsa! We help you find the temporary physical space they need to sell, serve and grow.