Dont hassle. Rent, relax,and earn.

Discover the perfect locations to grow your business!

Find, book and steal the show!


How Myrsa works

Myrsa helps businesses, service providers, entrepreneurs, retailers, brands,event managers or start-ups to find the temporary space they need to test, sell, serve and grow.

Myrsa helps space owners rent out their unique spaces temporarily without any effort. We connect our owners with brands, businesses, service providers, retailers & professionals looking for temporary spaces.


Whether you are looking for a Space or a Brand, we have the best of both! Search the type of space or kind of brands you are interested in and Mark the ones that suit you best!


Once you find the Space/Brand of your choice, send enquiries to the owners. You can check the status of all the send and received requests in your Dashboard, the one place for managing the entire renting process!


Once your enquiry gets a response, you're all set to go! By the time this deal closes, Myrsa will have added new Spaces and Brands! Keep checking for the most trending brands and best locations everyday! Gear up, you're at Myrsa!


The different talents of Myrsa

Our focus is on assisting you to grow your business by taking care of of your event or promotion space discovery and booking. We provide easy access to different types of spaces just right for your brand. Get going with your idea..

Myrsa Key Tie Ups

Our goal since launching has been to make finding and booking temporary rental spaces an easy and transparent process. We work closely with a wide range of clients and they are the reason for our success.

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