Are your empty Auditorium seats getting bored?

List them on our website and make it lively again as Auditorium can be used for Seminars, Music Concerts, Conferences and much more! Do you know that you can earn money by renting it on temporary basis? Register your Auditorium at Myrsa and start earning extra.

A Product Launch is usually a magnificent celebration. During product launch your success is highlighted, and it can be made remarkable through a grand celebration. Auditorium can be a prime place for a Product launch as it will act as the most comfortable place for the invitees. Weather it is a product, application, company, game launch an Auditorium acts perfectly for every situation. Myrsa helps you find different spaces with auditorium which are accessible.
Various distinguished speaker sessions are organized from time to time to enlighten our community about the latest trends. When time is short, interactive, hands-on speaker sessions are a great alternative to full- or multi-day workshops. These fast-paced sessions provide participants with tips, techniques and strategies for improving business communications. Find temporary spaces for your short term speaker sessions on Myrsa.
Usually training programs are conducted during weekends and auditoriums wanting to monetize their vacant space are many. Also the setup required for organizing training programs is ready to use. So instead of managing a standalone setup it is better to temporary rent out such equipped spaces for required number of hours.
Performing on stage is part of artists life. Budding artists for speakers or teams, stage rehearsals are essential before performances. They require affordable theatres to begin career. Rent out your empty auditoriums with Myrsa and benefit from your empty space.

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Myrsa helps you List Space and Generate Revenue!

We provide space owners an array of classification list of options where they can list parking area, a clubhouse, office space, Conference Room and various other vacant spaces make their unused space a source of regular Income. Also by offering such a vacant space for rent on a temporary basis the host or the space owner is able to recover his maintenance cost and earn simultaneously. We have broadly classified spaces in the following categories. Explore How your spaces can be hosted for business growth and can generate extra revenue for you.

Below category of spaces can be listed:

Parking- Does your parking vacant most of the time?
Small or large, parking spaces are an excellent host for exhibitions, branding, sales kiosks, and so much more! Rent out parking areas in your society, office, institutions or other places at Myrsa and look at your empty parking with an entirely new outlook that can give endless opportunities to earn money from that unutilized space.

Hall- Do you have Halls that exists empty especially during off season?
A lot of functions, events and innumerable activities can happen in clubhouses, community halls, and halls of your office premises or institute. Rent out assembly halls, banquet halls and all such halls on Myrsa to earn some more. During Off seasons such type of spaces can be used for numerous activities and help you generate revenue.

Club House- A great source of revenue to the complex/society!
Society halls are usually vacant most of the times throughout the year. So during that period, you may list the space with Myrsa, that is vacant like a Club House and make that space available on temporary rent out for a short period for events like seminar, exhibitions. This not helps maintain the property but also earn money from its rent.

Gardens- Own a Garden that is often empty?
Gardens that normally remain empty have plenty of uses! Rent out gardens of your societies, establishments and office complexes with Myrsa to discover what all can happen in your garden and generate revenue out of your unused space. You can host your garden area for events like wedding, exhibitions, flea market and lot more.

Common Area-Does your classroom remain empty after hours?
Common areas in your residential buildings and even your commercial offices can be a great way to earn some extra funds. Brands can put up small kiosks or stalls in these areas for their promotional activities. Rent out your common areas in peak hours and start earning with Myrsa.

Cafeteria-Your extra Space in Cafeterias can do wonders! 
Vast cafeterias having extra space that is unutilized can be made useful in Myrsa. List that vacant part of your cafè as Space and tell us what kind of Brands you're interested in going with. That extra space can get you extra income! 

Conference - Want to rent out your conference rooms by the hour?  
A conference hall, convention room, or meeting room is a space used by offices, hotels, hospitals or huge establishments for meetings are business discussions. Such space can be utilized when vacant by listing them with Myrsa and offering them to brands for various purposes like conducting seminars, public speaking sessions, concerts, and other such activities. 

Open Ground: Do you know your Open Garden can be rented? 
Collection of events and functions can take place at your Open Garden like Parties, Weddings, Exhibition, Flea Market, Health and Wellness Activities, Food Truck Parking, Food Fest and many other events. So List your open ground at Myrsa and earn during that period of time when it is left vacant and unused at your disposal. This will help u generate extra revenue that can be also utilized for its maintenance as well.